Activities in and around Russbach


 A wonderful city and the hometown of Mozart, with the sound of music and classical baroque-style buildings. The city is approximately 1300 years old and has been predominately been a city of faith. It has the archbishop of Salzburg and has a plethora of famous and beautiful buildings within the city center. On the mountain at the edge of the city, you will find the famous castle of Hohensalzburg. 

The castle is one of the biggest still remaining castles in Europe. The city is well known for its music, which you can still hear playing on almost every street corner. Even the original house of the family Von Trapp (the family on which the sound of music is based) is open for tourists to see. 

For a list of sightseeing in Salzburg, we would like to refer you to the lonely planet page via this link.


Russbach is situated in the area of Tennengau. Which in part is one of the five areas of the province of Salzburg. Every quest at Haus Pistenblick receives a Tennengau Card PLUS to enjoy all the possibilities it brings with it. From free entry to the swimming pool to discounts at restaurants, the caves in the area to free public transport.

With the Tennengau card PLUS, you will get the perfect opportunity to discover and feel everything the Tennengau region has in store for you. From culture to sports and from hiking to sightseeing, there is something to do for everybody.

For more information please follow this link, to the website of Tennengau.

With registration upon arrival, a Tennengau Card PLUS will be arranged for you and the family.

Hiking around Russbach

The village of Russbach is situated in the beautiful area of Dachstein-West. During the winter a perfect area to ski and snowboard. In the summers the gondolas are in use for hikers. In and around Russbach you will find a lot of hiking routes. 

The area has a big array of different hikes you could take, ranging from one hour to six hours.

To find more about the different routes in and around Russbach, you can follow this link.

Naturbad & Wasserpark

The waterpark in Russbach has been open for two years. As a natural reserve for the snow cannons on the mountainside of the ski area Dachstein West.

During the summers this waterpark is open for guests, and with the Tennengau Card you receive with the house you can enter the waterpark freely. 

For information about the Waterpark, please click this link.