Wonderful holidays in the SalzburgerLand

Wonderful holidays in the SalzburgerLand

Welcome to Haus Pistenblick

Rußbach am Paß Gschütt

Haus Pistenblick is located in the authentic village of Rußbach am Paß Gschütt in the SalzburgerLand in Austria. The village is located in the Austrian Alps and is a wonderful area to go on holiday in both summer and winter. In the summer you can enjoy a particularly beautiful environment with many hiking areas, a natural swimming park, Salzburg nearby, and many natural attractions.

Rußbach is an idyllic Austrian village, where traditional food is served, there is beautiful nature and you can fully relax. With 800 residents, Rußbach is a part of Austria where you can enjoy everything Austria has to offer.

Haus Pistenblick

Haus Pistenblick is a cozy holiday home in the SalzburgerLand, Austria.

The house is located in a natural area and at 200 meters there is an elevator that takes you to the top of the mountain. There are many hiking and nature areas in the vicinity of Rußbach. In addition, there are many different activities and there is a natural swimming park within walking distance. Through the Tennengau map, you can find a lot of different activities and nature routes.

The house was built out of wood in 1922, but we have completely adapted it to the needs of our time. Fast internet, smart TVs, washing and drying are examples of this. Both apartments have these amenities. The house consists of two apartments. The apartment on the ground floor can accommodate up to 4 people. The apartment on the first and second floor is suitable for a maximum of 8 people (10 if there are 2 smaller children). It is possible to book the entire house!

Rußbach is a cozy little village in the SalzburgerLand, with several restaurants and a neighborhood super for daily shopping. Everything is reachable within a maximum of 5 minutes walking distance from Haus Pistenblick.

Small appartement 75 m2 - for 4 persons max

Large appartment 120 m2 - for 10 persons max